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Hello, love the asset!
Can i ask what's the license for these?

Can i use it as a game template that will be on stores? Thanks

Hi! Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you like my asset pack! Yes you may use it privately or commercially in your projects. My name in your credits section is not a must but would be greatly appreciated:-) Let me know if you would like to make me anything else you could use! I make asset packs as time allows me:)

Thanks! i'll be sure to credit you when the game template is released :)

If you have the time, can you make a spike (obstacle) and a door close and open with this type of style ? Thanks :D


Thank you! Maybe I could make an asset pack that contains different kind of dangers/obstacles and the door, do you have a color preference? I will take a look at your link :) Currently I have a project going on but I should be able to fit in a small asset pack:)

Another asset pack would be great :D

Don't really have a color preference, maybe the same as the link?
No hurry though, Thanks ! :D

no problem! 👍