New announcement!

Hi everyone!!

I have a very important announcement to make!!

I'm starting a new chapter in my life and I'm creating a new series where I develop different games in different game engines.  I will most likely include assets that can be used to create sprites/models as well. I will write about my process and my experience along with some tips on where to look for assets and music. 

My first opening project is a Godot platformer! Demo is coming later this month to my brand new itchio page: SorceressGames. The page is up but it's still emty:) Feel free to follow already but I will make another announcement when the demo is up! I will also have a new Patreon that will go live at the same time when the demo is ready. All my future projects will come to my new itchio page but patreons will get early access plus free monthly newsletters and free download keys to finished projects. 

However my opening project will be available for everyone at the same time. 

I'm very excited to start this new chapter and I hope you are too! I will still keep my current itchio account but I will make most likely everything free. 

Please follow my new page: SorceressGames for all future projects!

Thank you!!

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Interesting idea! Looking forward to it! :)

Thank you!