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Thank you for choosing my top down rpg asset pack! I originally started making a game with these tiles but then changed the looks and sprites of it. So these tiles are no longer being used so I thought I'd make them available for you! 

All tiles are 16x16 and made in Aseprite. I used the AAP64 color palette. 

What you can do:

You may recolor/adjust/add sprites to your liking and use them in private or commercial games.

You can use the sprites for making paid or free games. 


* take the zip file and resell the sprites

* use the artwork on any printed media such as clothing/stickers etc.

Crediting is not a must but greatly appreciated! Also feel free to post a link in the comments with what you made!

What this asset pack includes:

- Castle Outside

- Castle Interiors

- Desert Cave

-Desert Town

- Forest Cave

-House interior

- ruins tiles

- snow town

- snow tiles

- town Tiles

- 1 waterFall animation

Please note there is NO player sprites included.

I hope you have fun using it! Thank you! 


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TopDownRPGTileSet.zip 46 kB


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Hi, I might be making a top-down RPG/adventure game and I was considering using some of your assets to augment my own assets. However, I notice you mention it can't be sold as part of another tile set or paid product. Does that mean I couldn't use these in a game if I plan to sell that game? Thanks in advance for any clarification!



Thank you for taking interest in my tile set!

Oh what it simply means is you cannot take the zip file and sell it again. I'm sorry if my wording is confusing. I will fix that:)

But yes you can totally use it in your game and sell it. Any of my art can be used in private or commercial games:)

No worries, thank you for the clarification! I would never dream of even using the resource in my game without giving credit so yeah, I'd definitely never repackage it and sell it as just the assets. Thanks again!