New monster pack coming soon!

Hi everyone!!

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who has downloaded my monster pack!! Thank you so much!! This pack has been added to almost 1,000 collections so I want to make a part 2 of this! 

Once I'm done with my rpg project I will get working on it:)  The new monster pack will come with animations! They will be 4 directional. Most likely in the same style and 16x16. 

Now is the time to let me know what kind of monsters you would like to see! Comment below for any ideas!

Thank you!!

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Dec 23, 2019

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In no particular order off the top of my head: dragon, minotaur, baby egg dragon/eyes spying out of an egg, maybe a shield to go with that sword, birds, a general beast/wolf/four legged critter, centaur(maybe a bit tricky on that one), witch or caldron, gryphon, sphinx, cube slime, maybe a floating robot or pyrimid enemy, mimic, fire spirit, floating elementals, crystal monster, cat, dog, white rabbit, UFO, floating pot/jar, barrel or box mimic, evil eye....that should be a lot of inspiration. 

Whatever you come up with, I'm sure it will be great!  I am looking forward to it! :)


Oh wow, those are some really great ideas!

Thank you so much for your inspiration!

As soon as I'm done with my rpg project I will get working on it!:)